Custom Made Ventilated Cloth Beekeeping Jacket

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Want Just The Right Fit?

If you want just the right fit for your suit or jacket, it’s important that you enter the correct information and features that you want in the fields below. If you are confused about any information below you can check our FAQ section for common question that are asked. You can also call us if you have any question or you are confused about the information we are gathering to build your custom bee suit or jacket.

The color suit or jacket you choose might vary slightly due to dye lots.

Make sure the measurements are correct. Don’t guess. All of our suits and jackets are hand made and cannot be returned or exchanged. It  is being made especially for you and your body type.



Hood Type

Choose Hood Type. Options are Fencing, Round or Square. Veils are attached to suit by zipper.

Zipper Type

Choose Metal Or Plastic YKK Zipper

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Pick units for measurements from dropdown below.

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Measure the distance from your shoulder tip to shoulder tip and enter in field below.

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Measure the circumference of your chest and enter in field below

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Shoulder To Wrist (4)

Measure from shoulder tip to wrist bone for sleeve length.


Want Just The Right Fit?

Our beekeeper suits and jackets will keep you safe and protected at all times. The suits provide full head and face protection while allowing great ventilation and visibility. Our beekeeping suits and jackets come in many different sizes. The depth of the fabric layers prevents bee stings from reaching your skin, and the suit continues to protect you even if it gets wet. The ventilated fabrics also keep you cooler by allowing your body heat to escape. Our suits can be used both by novices and experienced beekeepers.